Wearable exposure monitoring

Instantaneous readings at different particle sizes

Diagnostics for OSHA compliance to prevent oversampling

Help save time and money on sampling

Measure particulate exposure effortlessly

Our sensor is lightweight easy way to perform real time exposure monitoring without the hassles of setting up pumps and sending in filters. 



Only 5.5 ounces with 8 hours of battery life. Start measuring in seconds!


Data driven insights

High resolution sampling provides alows you to make decisions in real time to protect workers from overexposure

mobile devices


Acess data through your mobile device


Advanced dust counting

Provides real time Mass concnetrations and particle counts!

Pen and paper

Automated reporting

Automatically collect data securelly on a cloud server


No calibration

We will do all the calibration for you and we won't charge you for it!

A Particle counter designed by PhDs

We have a background in aerosols and air quality with over 400 peer reviewed publications. We are using our expertise to design game changing technologies



Smart calibraion

Current methods of calibration are cumbersome and outdated. Our system lets you get info in real time while you can compare our sensors to your gravimetric data for smart calibration!

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